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Founded in by Scott Blatt, DC ATC, Body Logic Sports Therapy and Westlake Sports Therapy is a full-service physical therapy clinic that is dedicated to helping people recover from injury or pain and return them to their preferred activity, exercise or sport. Restoration of normal function is our focus. Our approach can be conservative or aggressive, depending on the goals and needs of the individual, and treatment is based on current scientific evidence.


Physical Therapy:
  Pre-Post Surgical Rehabilitation,
  Manual Therapy, Corrective
  Spinal & Joint Mobalization
  Myofascial Release
Nutritional Counseling:
  Hydration, Weight Loss/Gain
  Nutritional Supplementation,
  Performance Nutrition.
Posture Analysis:
  Postural Training, Bio-Mechanics,
  Ergonomic Analysis for
  Sport and Work.
Athletic Performance Training:
  Core & Trunk Stabilization,
  Linear Speed, Lateral Speed,
  Performance Nutrition.
  Strenth, Power, and Flexibility.
  Stabilizing the Body's Reactive Forces
  with Balance, Control
  and Postural Strength.
Custom Orthotics:
  Custom Orthotics (to correct)
  Foot/Ankle Biomechanics and Posture.
Massage Therapy:
  Sports Massage, Deep Tissue,

Physical Therapy

Athletic Performance Training

Posture Analysis
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